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Renae Gordon

Good question. I think Nicole did discuss this in one of the monthly Q&A’s fairly recently.

In my opinion – i personally don’t like the “very low” calories idea. 1) because too much of a calorie deficit can send your body into starvation and catabolism; 2) having a steady diet of calories can be easier to monitor body changes to what is working… but thats just my opinion. Obviously every one is different in their response to dietary changes and protocols.

I was on a carb cycling program for a while a few years ago and my protein stayed the same and the carbs/fats was cycled – so high carb/low fat; or low carb/high fat with protein the same each day. Calories was fairly similar but no dramatic drop in this instance. It did work quite well for me and we only reduced the calories leading up to competition slightly. High carb days were 1 or 2 times per week dependent upon how the body was reacting.