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I have done several challenges. A question I have always wondered, is about the meal options and the macros. For example, in this challenge, there are three meal options for each meal. If I choose meal option two and review the macros, they are different than the macro options for meal number one and three. Meal option two might have one and a half SC, where option one might only give me half SC. Is there a reasoning behind the macros, not being the same for all three options for a meal? I have been wondering this and my husband has also asked me and I have no explanation. This leads me to my other question. For my first meal if I choose meal option two, my second meal meal option one, my third meal meal option three and so on…. Am I still on target to meet the macros I’m supposed to meet for the day? Thank you.

There is no specific reason, this is just how Nicole decided to create the meals for this challenge. As long as your daily calorie and macro totals at the end of the day add up, that is what is most important. The answer to your second question is yes, because even if you eat the meals in a different order, the totals will end up the same at the end of the day 😉