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I was putting in my meals for meal plan 1 into my fitness tracker app and I am having some discretion on calories consumed on the app vs what is on the plan. On my app, it is saying day 1 of meals is totaling the following: 1611 calories, 146g carbs, 135g protein, 54g fat.
For meal plan 1, on the ebook it says I should be eating: 1480 calories, 140g carbs, 140g protein, 40g fat.

can someone please help a girl out.

Nicole usually tries to get those numbers as close as possible (within 5g). We all can make different choices in those apps and some of that info isn’t super accurate. If you are eating according to the plan, I am sure you are on point. Fat was the only one that looked a bit high. Just take an extra look at it to see if you have it all correct.