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I am a pescatarian. And also eat plant based products – textured vegetable meat protein. I need to ask if the attached are ok to use for substitutes as TVP?

They have more protein content as listed- 15g per serving. Can i weigh it to 48g TVP substitute? Or what is your recommendation or equivalent?

Do i need to stay within a carbs bracket too?

I am unable to upload the images. Can i send them to you via email? The error im getting is “file extension error”

Thank you

Hey there- if you are going to add any foods outside of the challenge recipes, meal plan or food exchange list then you will have to calculate the calories and macros totals on your own in an app such as My Fitness Pal. We can’t possibly calculate foods for all challengers wanting to add their own foods. You absolutely can add anything you choose to but will have to make the calculations for the correct portion sizes for the food sources you choose to add in 🙂