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Kristy Safarians

You might have figured it out already. I had a hard time too, so I broke it up into 2 “snacks”.

I’m meal W meal plan 2. Maybe you can use this as some ideas. I used MFP to figure out the macros. It’s easier and grab and go vs. a full meal.

Here’s what I did:

Instead of 4 meals (not counting the postwork out, which would be the 5th), 3 meals and 2 snacks ~ 180k; 16P & C; 5.5F
Snack options:

130 g yogurt
150 g strawberries; 80g raspberries; 100g blueberries
8 g walnuts

60g chicken
130 g broccoli steamed

60g chicken
160 g cauliflower steamed

50g chicken
Dave’s thin

120g cottage cheese
2 rice/corn cakes
10g pumpkin seeds

120 g cottage cheese
80g raspberries
8g walnuts

50g brown rice
50g chicken
119g zucchini or 94g asparagus