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Good afternoon,

I just finished the 40 day G&B challenge and I’ve enroll for the Ab challenge this Summer. I am a member and I am following the May workout posted on the blog. I am following the same diet as B&G challenge and I am following the monthly workout to a T but as you are aware, the intensity is not the same. Will this make me maintain or will I still loose weight because I am in a deficit.
Just curious to see if I need to decrease food intake if I want to keep loosing weight/inches.

Thank you,

I would not decrease your food intake at all. If you do decrease your food intake, your body may not responds as well once you start the Summer Abs Challenge. Just keep doing what you’re currently doing, the next challenge will behave before you know it and things will ramp back up. Your body needs a little decrease in intensity between challenges in order to keep your metabolism in a healthy place 😉