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Hi sent an email to ask this question but was told to ask on the forum.

I was just diagnosed with bronchitis which has severely impacted my asthma and breathing. I am having an issue with any type of cardio as I then cough uncontrollably. I can walk which i am hoping will help clear my lungs but anything high impact affects my breathing. I think I am ok with weight training so far. My doctor said it could last for a few weeks. ugh.

My question is I am 5’10 and 220 lbs so on group 3. The calorie plan is at around 2000 which is over what i generally eat. If i am limited on the cardio training for a few weeks until i recover do i stay at that caloric level?

I am so upset this happened right when i start the challenge.


You can bump down to Meal Plan 2 if you feel like that would be a better starting point for you based on what your calories were before starting the challenge, not being able to do cardio and depending on what your goals are. Bets of luck, and I hope you feel better soon! I believe bronchitis, especially coupled with asthma, can lead to pneumonia so please be careful! I would advise not doing Saturday’s cardio acceleration workout, just do the 5 days of lifting and make sure you give yourself plenty of rest breaks between sets to fully catch your breath 🙂