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    So cool, we now have a NW forum to chat! 😉

    Here goes my first question. What are your thoughts on Creatine? Does it work? Do you take it during off season or in season? When and how much?



    I know right! I am excited too 🙂

    Yes, I do think creatine works. I don’t take it all year long and I don’t take just a creatine supplement by itself, I typically take it as a pre-workout product mixed with a few other ingredients like beta-alanine and/or an NO booster like arginine. But taking it by itself is fine too and will help build muscle as well as increase strength. I recommend starting with 2-3 grams pre or post workout.


    Nicole, do you suggest to take creatine in a leaning phase or wait to have reach our leaning obj. to start it ? Thanks


    Creatine is one of the few supplements to have genuine research behind it to say that it works. It increases strength and endurance as well as helping with recovery so it’s something that you usually take in the off season when you can be in calorie excess and more focussed on improving performance. The usual dosage is 3-5mg a day. Many preworkout supplements have Creatine in them already or you can add Creatine monohydrate powder to your post workout shake.

    The only caveat to taking Creatine is that it does tend to make you hold water (due to the way it works – another reason to take it in the off season) and a small number of people have digestive troubles with it (gas/bloating and occasionally worse). If you do decide to take it, you must drink 4 litres of water per day as it can be harsh on the liver/kidneys if not. Also be aware that it loses it effectiveness over time so you would need to cycle on and cycle off in 6-8 week blocks.

    Hope this helps everyone out xx


    Is there a particular salt version of creatine known to decrease water retention?



    Christy- I have never heard of a version of creatine that doesn’t make you hold water. It’s just the nature of the properties of creatine and one of the ways the human body responds to it ?


    wendy tolles

    OK So ur all talking about creatine and I’ve recently heard from a gentelman that his brother now has seizures from taking creatine, that is what the doctor has informed him. When I googled it there are some comments stating that could be the case what do you all think?

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