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    Hey – I saw earlier that someone had problems using the “NICOLE16” code – I just tried to use it too – and got the message that it was no longer valid. I tried it with a space and it said coupon code expired.



    Hi Traci- which Polar were you trying to purchase?


    Katherine Stone

    It wouldn’t work for me so I gave up and just bought it anyways at full price. I bought the M200 and ended up buying an “extra” wrist band because it only comes with size med/large and I needed small/med. so it was $149.95 for the monitor and $19.95 for the corect size band.

    There’s a few reasons I went with Polar and this model:
    1. I have been using a Jawbone Up3 since 2014 and it’s crapping out on me. Band is cracking and can’t be replace since all the mechanics are integrated into it. I went with a Polar M200 since it does have a changeable band so I can change it out if I have another cracking situation.
    2. Most of the Polar monitors require a separate heart monitor strap. The M200 monitors your heart rate from the wrist which I prefer.
    3. My Jawbone Up3 didn’t have a display but did have an awesome app. The display on the M200 looks awesome and the app looks comparable.
    4. I wanted a comparable tracker which monitored activities with a focus on running, steps taken all day, sleep and quality, distance, speed, gps, heart rate, can be used swimming(unlike the jawbone which could not get wet at all), Bluetooth transfer to app and easy to charge.

    The M200 appears to have all of the features I was looking for. It’s scheduled to arrive on Monday so we’ll see how it works out!!



    I bought mine from Amazon and the price was a lot better than


    The one with the heart rate – white – like the one Nicole wears.


    I looked on the website – it is the A300 with heart rate monitor.



    It might be possible that the coupon is expired. Anyways, do you know Xiaomi is about to launch its Mi Band 5 smart fitness tracker soon. The company has yet to reveal any details about the launch of the next-generation fitness tracker. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Mi Band 5 fitness tracker.

    A Weibo gunner states that the Mi Band 5 will be priced at 200 Yuan (roughly Rs 2,100). He also states that the device will launch around the end of June. The company hasn’t disclosed any launch details for the device yet, so we recommend that you grab this leak with a pinch of salt. Fitness trackers and smartwatches: which device is right for me?

    The Mi Band 5 will have a 1.2-inch AMOLED color display, according to a TizenHelp report. The display will have more contrast and will be brighter outdoors. It has been stated that the Mi Band 5 will be the first ever smart band from Xiaomi to launch with an NFC chip globally, however, according to TizenHelp, this will not be the case and the NFC option will still be limited to the Chinese variant. If Xiaomi launches it using NFC, it will be a great convenience for many, as it will allow contactless payments.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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