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    I am looking for ideas to eat 1 scoop isolate, oatmeal almond butter, not sure how to make this??




    Blend it all into a shake! Delicious!


    Jessica Adams

    I have seen variations of people making a pankcake out of these ingredients. I will be following the women’s meal plan 3 and wanted to incorporate the PB Balls from the 60 day challenge in Jan. So, my approach for the pancake will be to use an LP (egg whites from exchange list) from Meal 2 Option 1 (M2O1) and add to M1O1 to make the pancake. Combine all ingredients with baking powder and cinnamon, make the pancake, add almond butter as a topping with SF syrup.

    You may not want to do exactly as I did since it would only leave you with 1/2 LP for the original meal (M2O1) or may not line up to the meal plan you are following. Since I am making the PB Balls to substitute M2O1, I will also be using the remaining 1/2 SC in another meal to ensure all macros from the meal are eaten at some point.

    Hope this makes sense – if someone else can explain better, feel free.






    Could you please share the full recipe for the PB Balls. Thanks


    Jessica Adams

    I am honestly not sure if I am allowed to share the PB Balls recipe since it was on another challenge that I had purchased….If Nicole and/or team responds that it is okay, I am happy to do so.


    demiller: I’m on meal plan 3, so for my option one, the protein, almond butter and oats, I have done this several ways. Blended all up in shake, like someone mentioned. You can make simple pancakes by mixing the oats with little water, add the protein in after you microwave the oats…you want a sticky consistency, too much water makes them too runny and hard to make a pancake. Once you mix those, cook them in a pan like a pancake, then add your almond butter as a topping. Or one that is usually my go to besides the shake, because its quick and easy, just make the oats in a bowl in the microwave, then add the protein and almond butter to the bowl once its out of the microwave, stir it all up and enjoy. 🙂

    Lori Moore
    Lori Moore




    I just did this mixture yesterday and it was great! Depending on what meal plan you are on – just adjust quantities accordinly.
    Grilled Chicken Breast, Avocado, Jasmine Rice, Salsa, Shredded Cheese, Tomatos YUM


    Phase 1, meal 1, option 1
    1 1/2 f

    Lp- 1/3 yogurt,alittle less then 1/3 egg white, alittle more then 1/3 protein powder- NPower vanilla (I know it is not exact but I’m not a great cookout- you have to look at consistency- it was slightly less and more)
    Sc- oats- I mistakenly used quick oats, but it worked. I added water and cooked in microwave for 30 sec. (I’m going to try reg it’s next time)
    Mixed all together- and added 3 chocolate chips per pancake
    Cook in frying pan (I also cover which I have found to be helpful.)
    1.5 fat- I added 1 fat of the butter Nicole recommends, but you could use ghee or peanut/ almond butter- I have .5 left which I was going to get for almond butter on the side but will use later.
    NOTE: I had to add alittle more protein to thicken
    I also drizzled honey on top. I can’t wait to make toMorrow!😃❤️


    Hi all!
    Here are a few of my recent recipe tweaks
    I am on women’s meal plan 3 and I also am doing my husbands nutrition for the mens meal plan 2. I’ll list my portions for now.
    Meal 4
    4 oz of 90% ground beef
    60 g sweet potatoe fries (I need an air fryer so to not use oil!)
    100 g lettuce for “bun” (cut sides off iceburg!)
    50 g tomato
    25 g onion
    add some sugar-free ketchup and mustard if you fancy

    Meal 3
    Some Greek flavors

    4 oz chicken
    150 g rice
    84 g hummus ( classic)
    100 g cucumber

    that’s just a few for now. Let me know if my calculations are off at all -hugs!



    what about this combo? I’m going off of the ratios for Meal one option 2

    3 eggs (takes care of total amount of fat for meal)
    1 scoop isolate protien (total amount of lean protien for meal)
    1 6′ banana (only on days you are doing weight lifting can you have fruit for breakfast too. Otherwise, stick to once a day-right>)
    40 g oatmeal-dry

    blend it in blender. if too thick, add water or almond milk.
    I am playing with the idea of banana and egg pancakes we make around here a lot.
    I know fruit is allowed 2 times a day on weight-training days and if you aren’t weight training to keep it to meal one. check!


    One more lol

    Hot chocolate!!!

    1/2 c unsweetened almond milk
    1 scoop protien
    dash of cinnamon
    dash of vanilla
    1 stevia
    1 tsp cocao powder


    this only takes up one LP for one meal!
    You can make hot chocolate and oats for breakfast and instead of the 1 1/2 F you could top with whipped cream :p


    Lookinf for ideas for meal plan 2 option 3 with the ground turkery, tomato, feta cheese, cucumber and rice. Do you mix it all and eat it cold or?



    I substituted the tomato and cucumber for mushrooms and mixed it all together – it was great!

    Melissa Brown
    Melissa Brown

    If you haven’t tried Flavor God’s buttery cinnamon roll sprinkled on the Greek yogurt the vanilla protein powder!!! Omg delish!
    What’s your favorite Flavor God flavor??


    I don’t care for mango in my smoothies. Today when I was at Sam’s Club I found a mix that Dole makes with very little mango but also several other fruits that are also on our exchange list. I made all of the macros exactly the same as the Orange Mango Smoothie. Enjoy!


    Alternate pancake: Matches Macros for phase 1 weeks 1-4 women’s meal plan 2



    A fave of mine has been taking the corn tortillas and cutting up into triangles – air frying for five minutes to make chips and using the meal with cheese to make home made nachos
    Perfect for our family taco nights – I stick on plan and enjoy similar food to everyone else

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