Nicole Wilkins

10 Reasons You Cant Lose Weight


Losing weight – and keeping it off – is about making a true and genuine commitment to live healthy every day. Regardless of what’s going on in your life, being consistent and making your health a priority is the first step. Check out my list of 10 things that could be preventing you from getting the body you want – and what you need to change to make it happen!

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  1. Daniel


    is this only for women/girl or for men too?


    • Nicole

      Nicole (verified owner)

      It can be for men and women

  2. Melanie Steinkamp

    I struggle each and every day with diet. I start out great and finish rather poorly. 4pm – 9pm is my manic eating time. I live in the Midwest and our weather has been crazy this winter. I workout from 5 am-6:30 am 5-6 days a week. I don’t eat b4 working out – to early. Sometimes I think I don’t eat enough. I am 45. I am strong and muscular, but have this layer of FAT that just wont budge, especially butt/legs. Would this book help? Ive tried the zone diet, low carb etc. I could workout 24/7, but my eats our my struggle – HELP!

    • Nicole

      Nicole (verified owner)

      What will help you lose the fat is not to eat so much at night. You are most likely not eating enough during the day. Try to spread your calories out more evenly. It is not about a specific ‘diet’. It is about watching your portion sizes and making healthy choices.

  3. Melanie Steinkamp

    Thank you!!

  4. Anna Rucker

    Hi Nicole I first seem you on several covers on Oxygen keep doing what you are doing also how do manage to keep your abd so flat and tone

  5. Ppatti Martinez (verified owner)

    I ordered this book and have not received it yet is it an e book?

  6. Jacqui gaylor

    I have recently lost 9 stone in weight through clean eating and exercise. I want to take it to the next level and I don’t know how to start . Please any advice would be helpful X

    • Nicole

      Nicole (verified owner)

      You should enter the transformation program! See the homepage for more details 🙂

  7. Bridgett Johnson

    Bridgett Johnson

    I work 6p -2a Monday through Friday and work out afterwards and I still have a hard time losing weight around my waist. I do cardio each night after my workouts.

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