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30 Day Holiday Workout Calendar 2019


Stay fit through the holidays!

Are you worried about falling off the wagon and gaining weight this holiday season? Do you always feel so busy this time of year that you can't find the time to work out?

Well I've got you covered with this 30 Day Holiday Workout Calendar, to help you maintain – and gain! – during the holidays!

This workout calendar is designed to help you make it through the busiest time of year, with workouts that you can do in 45 minutes or less! Taking the holidays into consideration, no more than 4 workouts a week plus cardio recommendations to help you ENJOY the holidays while staying on track with your fitness goals.

NOTE: Spend over $125 during our week-long Black Friday sale and get the Holiday Workout Calendar for FREE! 

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  1. Lorraine


  2. Daniela O’Donnell

    Nicole I’m a member and I can’t download the calendar. ☹

  3. Karen Okerlund

    These use to be available when you are a member. Why do we need to pay now 🤷‍♀️

  4. Karen

    Why do members have to pay for the calendar?

  5. Karen

    Where can a member access the holiday calendar?

  6. dmhart22

    I just tried to look at the holiday calendar and I’m a member but it says I have to buy it?

    • Nicole

      Nicole (verified owner)

      Use the code HOLIDAY in checkout.

  7. jogoins

    The coupon has expired already

    • Nicole

      Nicole (verified owner)

      email for technical support and we can check out your account.

  8. Michelle LeeDominique

    Michelle LeeDominique (verified owner)

    So I paid for the holiday calendar and now I can not access it. Can anyone resolve this matter?

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