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nPower Nutrition Burn


Accelerate your fat and weight loss goals with nPower Nutrition Burn, designed to deliver a smooth, clean energy boost without the crash and jitters.  Our vegan-friendly, naturally-flavored formula uses cutting-edge ingredients to help boost metabolism, increase energy, heighten focus and help control appetite and cravings.  Give yourself the edge in the fight against fat!

Comes in two refreshingly delicious flavors – Cucumber Watermelon and Blue Raspberry.




Fuel Your Fit® with nPower Nutrition Burn

        • BURN FAT & INCREASE ENERGY This unique combination of ingredients  work together to boost metabolism and increase fat-burning capacity for a long-lasting energy effect, without the crash common with so many other fat-burner products. (L-Carnitine, Innoslim®, Natural Caffeine, Black Pepper Extract)
        • APPETITE CONTROL This matrix helps control appetite, stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cravings, along with helping to improve gut health by slowing digestion and allowing your body to better absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat. (Bitter Melon Extract, Inulin, Oat Straw Extract)
        • SHARPEN FOCUS & ELEVATE MOOD  Burn’s nootropic blend consists of premium ingredients designed to improve mental and physical clarity, focus and alertness. (L-Tyrosine, Dynamine®, L-Theanine)


      • Features
        √ Naturally Flavored
        √ Vegan Friendly
        √ Gluten Free
        √ 30 servings (settling will occur)


      • Benefits
        √ Promote Fat Loss
        √ Increase Energy
        √ Boost Metabolism
        √ Heighten Focus
        √ Control Appetite



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Blue Raspberry, Cucumber Watermelon