Nicole Wilkins

40 Day Build Challenge – How To Upload Your Photos

It’s time to upload your Before photos for the Build Challenge!

Even if you have upload photos and taken measurements before, please take the time to read this brief refresher on the best way to do it.

As always, one of the most helpful tips  is – make sure you are logged in to the website when trying to upload your photos and measurements!


You have until Wednesday, October 12 at 11 pm EST/8pm PST to upload your photos and info.



How you take these photos can make or break your final results in the eyes of the judges, so please read all of these tips VERY carefully before taking them!


• Take three full-length photos – front, back and side – and make sure your entire body (head to toe) is visible in every photo.

• Stand 10-15 feet away from the camera to make sure you are getting your whole body in the photo, and make sure the camera is just below chest height to show your entire body without distorting any of it.

• Do NOT take your photos through a mirror. Use a camera or cell phone with a timer app. Take several test photos if you need to before settling on your final versions.

• Feel free to flex in your photos – this is a Challenge about BUILDING muscle, after all!


Please remember how you are posing – you will want to pose the same way in both your before and after photos.


• We do not want ANY VARIATIONS in how you pose in your Before/After photos, because this makes it harder to judge your true transformation.

• Women should wear a bikini (top and bottoms) or a sports bra and bikini bottoms. Men should wear shorts that fall above the knee to show off your leg development.

• Wear the same outfit in your before and after photos.

• Take your Before and After photos in the same spot, in the same consistent lighting.

• In your front-view photo, make sure to hold up a piece of paper with the below hashtag written on it. Hold it out to the side so we can see your entire body! The hashtag is:




Check out this  “8 Tips To Take The Best Progress Photos” to see how I took photos when prepping for competitions. You will not be posing this way as this was for a figure contest prep, but pretty much everything else applies here.


• If you need help with how to take your measurements, here is a video with my  tips on the best way to do it.

Ok, you’re all set – it’s time to take your photos and measurements!


Click Here To Upload Your Photos & Measurements!