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    I saw someone posted on the group forum about they used air fryer to make the sweet potato crisp but ended up ate almost too much. Because of the water lost much than. Now I’m starting to think that too..i dont have a air fryer but i slice the sweet potato baked it like a chips. My concern is should I measure it raw since it shrink and dehydrate and it will make the cooked potato weight lighter?



    Hi Christine- when Nicole calculated the food, she calculated it by measuring all potatoes cooked (baked), so I’m not sure how to answer your question since you prepped your sweet potatoes in a different way than what the program called for. Honestly, the discrepancy shouldn’t be that much so it should make much of a difference at all and really shouldn’t hinder your progress. Since there are only a few days left of the challenge, I would just keep doing what you’ve been doing.



    HI Christine
    I usually bake my sweet potatoes ahead of time then measure and then when I make them I slice and crisp up in oven for about 20 minutes.
    The skin gets crispy.



    Thank you all,thanks Noami.
    Well,there is 6oz of cooked sweet potato in the meal plan. But just started wondering..🤔 just because i slices the raw sweet potato and baked it plain with nothing season on it,definitely the weigh after cooked is more dehydrated ad lighter than i slow cook or steam the sweet potato. Example if the the raw whole one weight like 10 to 14oz after if i slices it raw and baked always weight 40 to 50% lighter. So no biggie..i dont see any dramatic weight gain so just wonder. I always been stick to nicole’s way to measure it cooked. Thanks again. Cheers.

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