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    Kathy Carlin-Houle

    The way I have always done BB sumo squat is with the BB on your traps, just like a regular squat. Is this how you want them done? The video show DB sumo and someone on the FB page was doing them with the bb at her shins, to me that would be more of a sumo DL. Do you want them to be like regular squats but very wide legs, (wider than shoulder width)? Or like a sumo dead lift? Thanks for clarifying. 🙂 Kathy



    Hi Kathy- definitely more like a squat. I would be cautious of anything you see posted on social media, they may not be doing it the way Nicole would like it done, so I am really glad you posted here for clarification.

    The equipment used and where the equipment is placed isn’t really what indicated what the movement is with this exercise, it’s more how your body is positioned. As long as you keep your chest up, legs wide and you are doing more of a pliet (like in ballet) squat, then you are doing it correctly. I think if you saw someone using a barbell down at their shins, then you are correct. That person would have to bend over forward more at the torso and hinge forward at the hips in order to clear the barbell of their knees, so that would be more of a sumo DL.

    Your best bet would be to do all the exercises as indicated in the video demos Nicole provides … but always ask here for clarification if you are unsure 😉

    Great job, keep it up and have a STRONG week 2!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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