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    Good morning. The schedule only has 3 HIIT training sessions per week. Would I be defeating the purpose if I incorporate say some spin on leg day? Thank you!



    Hey there- Nicole put this program together with the number, type and duration of cardio specifically for the best muscle and strength-building program possible based on her knowledge and expertise. I would advise sticking to the cardio program, but if you want to do a 30 min HIIT spin session that would totally count towards your 3x cardio HIIT sessions 😉

    I would advise avoiding this on leg day because if you do it before your leg workout, you likely may not be able to have as good a quality leg lifting session because of the HIIT spin class. You could do it after your leg workout, but your legs might (should) be fried from the leg workout. If your legs aren’t fried from the leg workout, you should lift heavier 😛

    Remember, the main focus and goal of this program is lifting HEAVY to build muscle and strength. Cardio is not the main priority, so make sure you don’t sacrifice your lifting sessions for cardio sessions.

    I hope this makes sense and helps a bit. Good luck with the challenge!! 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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