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    I havent seen any differences at all. When I did this same challenge in 2017 I saw a results right away. I don’t step on the scale commas so it’s not a matter of weight, I just don’t see any differences in my appearance or the way my clothes fit at all. It’s just very discouraging when you’re working so hard, is it typical at times for to take a while before you see any results??



    Hi Kara- It is so hard for me to know what might be stalling your progress. Here are a few factors:
    – lack of sleep, or lack of quality sleep
    – high stress, constant stress or constant high stress
    – underlying hormonal/metabolic issues
    – food choices (you may or may not be following the meal plan 100%?)
    – adequate water intake
    – pushing during your workouts as much as possible

    I am not saying you are or aren’t doing or experiencing the above, I just wanted to list a few factors that can play a role in progress or lack of progress.

    I hope this helps, and try to keep thinking positive! What you are doing now is much better for your health and fitness than if you weren’t doing it, right? 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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