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    Hi Nicole,
    I usually train 5 days a week and for the last 3 weeks I have been using the Polar heart rate monitor. My heart rate usually ranges from 90-110 at the max. How do I increase my heart rate when working out? Do I train heavier? Do I super set? I am just at a loss on how to raise it. I am sweating when I am working out, but i just can’t get my heart rate up. I would love any advice that you can give. Thank you so much!


    Renae Gordon

    how old are you? HR ranges are different depending upon ur age. Is the 90-110 your average? Does ur HRM give you Max and average? Your HR could go up while you are exercising then down when u recover so not sure how its monitored and shown. Are you just trying to get your HR up during weight training or are you wanting it for cardio?
    Some help for Weights – superset exercises; lift heavier; rest shorter periods; do circuit style weights; do an active recovery; include a 1min or 30 sec bout of cardio after ur sets eg pop squats, skipping, jog on spot, step ups etc

    Always remember that the weight you chose should enable you to complete that amount of reps, if you can pump out a few more then add a little bit more weight so if you aim for 12 reps then your last 12th rep should be kind of a struggle.

    hope this helps


    Try to focus more on your heart rate during cardio. Weight training sets are not usually long enough to bump your heart rate up significantly unless you are lifting very intensely and using large muscle groups. Shorter rest periods, super sets, combination movements, compound movements, giant sets etc are a few other ways to increase your heart rate. Are you on any blood pressure medication? Sometimes that may have an effect on heart rate as well.

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