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    Women’s meal plan 2, the Daily Meal totals do not add up to the daily totals. To be 1520, it would have to be 304 calories per meal. I think the Meal totals are swapped between the Weight training days and non-weight training days?


    I am not sure what you mean? On meal plan 2 for women on training days you are taking in 1880cal total….



    It’s on Plan 2 NWTD you have :

    For daily totals 140 g of protein 150 g carbs 40 g of fat

    But for meal totals you have :

    30 gr of protein 28 gr carbs and 16 g of fat

    30p x 5 = 150
    28c x 5 = 140
    16f x 5 = 80

    We’re presuming the carb and protein values have been switched and also, I can’t imagine you want us eating 80 g of fat. That would be 8 g of fat/meal, correct?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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