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No cardio for 2 weeks (injury)

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    Hi Nicole,

    The first two weeks of the 35 day billed I haven’t been able to do cardio because of my broken toes. I thought I could row or bike but the support shoe was too slippery and I didn’t have good traction and didn’t feel safe it was challenging enough that I was lifting weights with it on. I’ve been able to do all the weight exercises except for lunges because it makes me bend my toes, but I really feel like I’m bloated and fat and I’ve gained 4#, do you think I should have ate the lower carb meals during that two weeks I wasn’t doing cardio?

    I just started my cardio on Saturday and I plan to continue doing it as the plan calls for moving forward my toes are about 95% healed and I been able to do a 2 mile run on the street. So shoes aren’t bothering me too much.

    Sorry such a long story but bottom line is should I do low-carb when I’m not doing cardio ?

    I’ve never done a bulk challenge before so I don’t know if I’m supposed to be feeling this fat and bloated and gaining weight. If it’s muscle I’m good with that and I have gained some muscle weight. how long does it take to like a pound of muscle weight doing a challenge like this?


    Hi Brenda,
    Not necessarily. If you are able to lift heavy and not miss anything there, the extra food will help with strength and recovery. The cardio is only 30min 3x per week.
    It is not necessarily a ‘bulk’ challenge. The goal is not to get ‘fat’. It is to gain strength, improve energy and build muscle- with that may come an additional lb or 4 in the form of water retention, muscle gain and a very small amount of fat. This is necessary to speed up your metabolism, build muscle, and change your body’s overall shape.
    Just keep doing what you are doing and add in the cardio this week (I am glad your toe is better!) and at the end of the 35 days if you are still uncomfortable, feel free to drop your calories back.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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