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    The recipe for the quinoa muffins states that 1 serving has 19g carbs. In another thread posted in Nutrition, Nicole states that the vegan powder she used is 10 more grams of carbs than her protein powder. So my question is how can the entire meal along with the coconut oil and vegan protein powder be only around 21g carbs (Meal plan 2)? That would mean the vegan protein has only 2 grams carbs?


    The plant based protein that I used has 5g carbs per scoop. So the total carbs for that meal would be around 26g. All macros for each meal are within 5g above or below the goal- in this case 21g.

    The macros may be slightly off depending on the protein you use. Some plant based powders have more carbs- 10+. That is what I meant. I would not worry too much about a few extra grams 🙂 It is more about consistency than perfection.


    Glenda Chapman

    Can I use your npower protein powder rather than the plant based powder in this recipe?


    Hi Nicole,
    I am not a vegan but I like the quinoa muffin for a Change but curious if I can take a scoop of your npower instead of the plant based protein because the plant based I got has 15g of carb. Also what do you do with the 15g of coconut oil? Do i mix it with the protein?
    Thank you.

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