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    Beth Milford

    Could you please give me your opinion & how to answer these questions when asked…
    A client bought a scale that measures, BW, BMI, lean mass bf%, water, etc. I dont believe these work. I told her what I thought but didn’t discourage her to whatever makes her accountable.
    Also, can a (young) woman gain 5# of muscle in a month? I’ve heard you discuss this on Q&A.
    Thank you,



    Hi Beth- I actually just wrote this past Tip Me Tuesday article about this very topic! If you are a member of Nicole’s site, you can read it here:

    I absolutely do not believe a female can gain 5lbs of muscle in one month. If I am working diligently, I can gain 4-5lbs of muscle in a YEAR. I have been lifting heavy for 8 years now, and it is very, very difficult (generally speaking) for a female of any age to gain pure muscle. It takes a lot of hard work, lifting heavy, very little cardio and being in a caloric surplus to even gain just 4-5lbs of pure muscle in 12 months, let a lone one month. Of course some women can gain muscle more easily than others, but not that easily or quickly 😉

    I hope this helps! 🙂


    Beth Milford

    Hi Naomi, I did read the article & everyone of them! They are always so informative. Thank you! I guess I get frustrated when I see trainers (one being an IFBB pro) lead their clients to believe that they really did put that much muscle on.
    Listening to all of you (NW team) & using my own gut feeling/knowledge, I need to ignore the crap I see & read.
    Thank you for replying, it’s so appreciated!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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