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    Hi Nicole,
    Do you have any experience training anyone after chemotherapy? I have been an athlete all my life (swimmer for 14 years and weights and cardio thereafter). I have done your challenges with success. Motivation in the gym was never my issue. Food choices were my greatest challenges. I understand macros quite well, I just fall off the wagon sometimes. That said, I gained 20 pounds during my chemotherapy as I have been mostly in bed for the last 4 months. My last dose of chemo is Nov 8th. 🙂 I still have other forms of IV therapies for a year, but should slowly start getting my energy back after my last hard chemo dosing next week. I don’t know if this is a comfort zone for you to advise about, but just thought I’d check. I need to be in a deficit, but my tdee is only @1500 at my current activity level and I don’t know how to safely work from there.

    I continue to watch your site Q&As and admire your support of all women, strong and weak, low body fat and higher body fat. You truly are an inspiration to many.

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