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One Year Membership

$99.95 / year

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  1. Stacey Boyce

    Stacey Boyce

    Love Nicole’s website

  2. Stacey Boyce

    Stacey Boyce


  3. Ivone

    Can you please share what is included in the membership plans? What are some of the benefits? Thank you

  4. Jeannette Sugg

    Jeannette Sugg

    Have loved the information Nicole shares on website and at Camps!!

    • Nicole


      Thank you!

  5. Alice Latimer

    Impressed when we met at UFC gym in Concord CA with your wonderful challenge presentation. I am so looking forward to get serious with your guidance.

  6. James

    Nicole, I am hopeful you will be able to mentor me in a healthier lifestyle and level of fitness… Getting a 1 year membership

  7. Tracey

    I am curious how much the private online training/competition prep costs. If I do that is the membership included or do I still need a membership?

    • Nicole


      The membership and online training are two separate things. If you are interested in online training one on one, email and we will send you all the different package info 🙂

  8. Cathy L Lowes

    Hi Nicole I am looking forward to the new healthier me

  9. Cathy L Lowes

    Hi Nicole I am looking forward to the new healthier me for a better life with my granddaughters

  10. Sarah

    If you purchase the 1 year membership do you get Axcess to the challenges? Interested in doing your Summer Shred. Thanks!!

    • Nicole


      The membership and the challenges are two separate products. If you are a member, you get a discount on the challenges though!

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