Nicole Wilkins


I became a member of your site in January, and before I get to the point of my email, I have to tell you that joining was honestly one of the best investments I’ve made so far this year. I’ve learned so much from your videos and blogs, and they’ve been a great guide for me in taking our training to the next level. I’m still working my way through all of the content, but I learn something new every single time I’m on your site

– Charelle P

I pay a ridiculous amount to another trainer that doesn’t do half of what this has done for me. You’re the best!

– Jillan G

I recently became a member and it was the best $10/month I have spent. The information provided in the blog videos and messages have helped me re-invigorate my passion for lifting. I don’t compete – I just stay healthy and fit. Nicole has helped me in a number of ways to refocus and shed fat and weight – enabling me to stop emotional eating from a very stressful work period. I just want to send a big THANK YOU. I’m using a lot of new-to-my routine exercises and it’s boosting my bum and doing exactly what I want it to. I’ll be 44 next month and have been training for the past 8 years. Thank you!!!

– Jeanne C

Love, love the website – I am on it all the time and refreshing myself on workouts all the time!!!!!

– Heather W

I joined your website last month and I love it. I just turned 48 have been working out consistently for 15 years. I am a full time teacher and am married with 2 children. I work out 6 days a week and have been adding fasted cardio in the mornings before work and doing my heavy weight training in the afternoon/evenings per the recommendations I’ve found on your website. I can honestly say that your website has been a treasure trove of information for me. I love working out and reading everything I can about fitness and nutrition and I feel like with this site I have really found a place for "one stop shopping" as you really cover all of the pertinent issues of fitness. I appreciate your approach and your candid attitude about what it takes to be your personal best.

– Linda L

Exactly why I subscribe to your site – it’s the best thing going!

– Angela H

Just signed up for your website and I love it:) you give me so many ideas I love it! THANK YOU!

– Lisa J

I love it!! Thank you for this website, it is so well done; I have learned so much in just the 1 month I have subscribed.

– Shannon W

OMGOSH!!!!! This is exactly what I’ve been working on, by myself, to no avail, and now looking at this I know why…I haven’t even finished reading everything yet, I just skimmed….THANK YOU SO MUCH NICOLE 🙂 EEEEEEE…I’m so excited 🙂 Being on this sight is absolutely Awesome!!!

– Pamela M

I have joined the gym, set up my basement and have signed up to be a member to see the videos for technique and "how to" videos. I have dropped 12 lbs. already!! I wanted to thank you – you do not talk down as if you are better than anyone, you are very thorough and professional. I did the Total body supersets from a few months ago – OMG – the next day was horrific (sore) but it was a good pain. I have a long way to go…but I plan to stick with it…I have a very active 5 year old granddaughter who thinks I’m pretty cool…just wait until she sees me at my best. Keep up the good work and the inspiration.

– Traci V

Nicole you rock! Being a member here has helped me in every way possible and you have my thanks and prayers for your dedication, inspiration and positivity.

– Samantha B

You are such an inspiration to me, your website is so useful. I can’t wait to follow you on your next Olympia prep on your member section. Well worth it peeps if you are not already on it. And thank you! –

– Ranae G

Just became a member of this week! Your site is truly fantastic! Love all your workout tips as well as giving us a peek into your nutrition! Thank you!

– Kelly O

Just did chest and arms workout from your website. Perfect way to kick off my day the right way! Your workout videos are awesome. So many camera angles so we can really see your form. Thanks!

– Jess L