Nicole Wilkins

Welcome To My Summer Shred Challenge!

Welcome to my 40 Day Summer Shred Challenge! 

There’s not a whole lot of time left before summer begins, but I know you can make significant changes over these next 40 days if you’re willing to follow the program and put in the work! 

My training team and I are here to help motivate and help you every step of the way, so you can get the most out of this Challenge and continue striving to be better than you were yesterday.  

Just remember – it all starts with you.

There are only so many things that we can control in this life. One of those things is how hard we choose to work at something. 

So for these next 40 days, I hope you choose to follow this program, to put in the work and to dedicate yourself to doing whatever it takes to reach your goals. 

Trust me – all of the hard work will be well worth it at the end of this Challenge!


The Challenge officially begins on Monday, May 24, and the entire program will be available for viewing on Friday, May 21.


I will send out an email when the program and eBook are live on the website. Until then, you can find me and my team in the NW Fitness Community Facebook Group!

If you haven’t already, please make sure to check it out. It’s free to join and it’s an amazingly positive, supportive community of women (and men) where you can find motivation, ideas, inspiration and chat with some amazing people! 🏋️‍♀️

Click here to join the Facebook Community!

Uploading Photos

You don’t have to upload photos, of course, but you won’t be eligible to win any of the Challenges prizes if you don’t … so I hope you do!  

The period for uploading your Before photos and measurements and ends on Wednesday, March 26 at 11 pm PST/8pm EST.  


Go here to see how to upload your photos!


Supplements List

Supplements are intended to support a healthy nutrition plan and consistent training program. They aren’t magic potions – you still need to put in the work and follow the plan. 

But they can provide you with that extra edge, and help speed up your progress.  So if you’re looking for that extra edge, check out the supplements I recommend for getting the most out of this program.  

If you are ordering nPower Nutrition products from my website and haven’t already purchased the Gold or Silver Package (both of those offer the biggest overall savings) here is a coupon code for 15% off your purchase. We’ve got a couple brand new products we just added to our line that are perfect for this Summer Shred Challenge, so make sure to check them out!



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See The Supplements! 



Weekly Prizes & The Facebook Community

For those of you who are on social media, we will be awarding Weekly Prizes each week throughout the Challenge. If this is your first Challenge, here’s how it works:

Share something from your journey during this Challenge on social media (Instagram or in the Nicole Wilkins Fitness Community Facebook Group) using these hashtags:



• Don’t overthink what you post! Anything that shows you striving to be better than you were yesterday is going to be inspiring.

• If you are posting on Instagram, make sure your profile is public so we can find you.

• Remember to join the Nicole Wilkins Fitness Community Facebook Page! (more on that above)

• One of my favorite parts about each Challenge is getting to know you all a little bit more by following your journeys on social media, so post often!


The Challenge will be here before you know it – I’m excited to help you reach your goals!


– Nicole