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Are you ready to build muscle and get stronger?


Then you’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what I’ll help you do when you join my 45 Day Build Challenge! 💪

Building muscle and getting stronger are two of the most common goals I hear from so many of the women and men I meet.  

Whether it’s looking your best, lifting heavier and crushing PRs, or feeling stronger and more confident in your own skin, I know we can reach those goals together! 

The 45 Day Build Challenge takes the guesswork out of getting in shape and lays out exactly what you will be training and eating for the next 45 days. 

No more wondering what your next meal should be, how you should be working out, or if you’re performing an exercise the correct way -I’ve got you covered from every angle.

The program includes three different workout plans – that’s right, THREE – for the price of one, so you can follow along from ANYWHERE and still see amazing results!

• Gym Workout Plan

• At-Home Workout Plan

• Dumbbell/Bodyweight Only At-Home Workout Plan 


Enter and you could win the Grand Prize of $3000 and a three-month supply of nPower Nutrition supplements, or one of the TWO Runner Up Prizes of $1000 and a three-month supply!


The 45 Day BUILD Challenge is perfect for anyone hoping to:

Build lean muscle!💪

Get stronger and (safely!) lift heavier than you ever have before 

Change your body composition without feeling deprived or starving  

• Take the guesswork out of getting in shape by following a program that lays out exactly what to train and what to eat every day 

• Enjoy what you eat with meal plans designed to increase energy, fuel your workouts and help you build muscle

Break plateaus by stepping out of your comfort zone with challenging workouts everyone can follow

• See results without spending hours in the gym

• Join a community of like-minded women and men who will support and motivate you every step along the way🙌 


I create every one of my Challenges from scratch, so each one is different from the last. Which means this is a one-of-a-kind program that won’t be available again!

But if you’re wondering about the type of results you can achieve if you follow the program, check out these amazing winners from my previous Challenges with the same muscle and strength-building focus! 🤩 

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What’s Included In The 45 Day Build Challenge Program:


If you’re a member of, or if you decide to sign up for a membership with the Challenge, you will receive $10 off the Challenge entry fee.

If you are already a member, just make sure you are logged in to your account when you enter and the discount will be applied automatically.

**The dates to enter the Challenge run from September 1 to October 10**

What You Win


Have more questions? Check out the 45 Day Build Challenge Rules and the 45 Day Build Challenge FAQs.

*Note: nPower Nutrition Supplements are only available to ship to those with a valid address within the United States.

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