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  Today is all about power as we’re tackling the deadlift with nPower Nutrition Ambassador Sarah. This is a great compound movement to hit your back and lower body, particularly your hams and glutes. On the surface it seems simple enough, but there are a lot of moving parts so it’s an exercise some may … SEE MORE

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Barbell, dumbbells, adjustable bench TIME: 30 Minutes It’s time to get strong! We’re doing a total body workout with 4 basic compound exercises. Lift as heavy as you can—with proper form—and take your time. The goal is strength! Looking for specific workout videos? Check out the filtering function to find exactly what you … SEE MORE

  It’s the happiest time of year!   And also the busiest.  Which is why I created this 35 Day Holiday Workout Calendar the way I … SEE MORE

  EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Kettlebells *If you are following the 35 Day Holiday Workout Calendar and do not have kettlebells, all of the exercises can be … SEE MORE

  EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Full gym, resistance bands TIME: 40 Minutes Here’s another great workout for those of you ladies who don’t want to miss any workouts during your pregnancy. All of the moves can be done with no concern for the health and safety of mom and baby! Looking for specific workout videos? Check out … SEE MORE

  Hey everybody! I’m here with nPower Nutrition Ambassador Rachel and today we’re breaking down 3 exercises you need to build a stronger, shapelier backside! Here’s what we’re looking at: Barbell squat Hip Thrust Elevated Dumbbell Reverse Lunge Make these exercises a part of your arsenal on legs/glutes days and trust me, you (and everyone … SEE MORE

  EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbells TIME: 20 Minutes Knees can take quite a pounding from heavy squats, leg presses and other movements and that can lead to nagging pain or even injury over time. Here’s a workout that’s easy on the knees while still giving your quads, hams, glutes, and calves a run for their money! … SEE MORE

  EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Kettlebells, dumbbells, exercise ball TIME: 30 Minutes Train your whole body using a variety of equipment—and it will only take 30 minutes because we’ll fly through it with trisets and supersets. Looking for specific workout videos? Check out the filtering function to find exactly what you are looking for to help you … SEE MORE

  EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Hip circle, dumbbells, bench, mat TIME: 30 Minutes Your hips play a crucial role in all lower body movements, so for better … SEE MORE

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Full gym TIME: 45 Minutes Welcome everyone and let me introduce our nPower Nutrition Ambassadors, Sarah and Rachel! I’m so happy to have them here. We wrapped a big day of shooting yesterday and today we’re doing a total body workout. This is not written out or scripted in any way—it’s totally on … SEE MORE