30 Day Transformation Challenge Grand Prize Winner Mary Northrup’s trip to California to hang out and train with me for the weekend!

As some of you know, Mary (Meredith) won the 30 Day Transformation Challenge, which ended in November. We were finally able to coordinate our schedules, and Mary came out to spend the weekend in mid-February.

The video is an overview of what we did over the three days. We will have a few more videos coming up from that weekend – the full-length leg workout video, the posing instructional (which will be great for competitors or anyone who is thinking about competing), and the shoulder video training journal.

For those of you who don’t remember, Mary lost 13 pounds and 7 overall inches during the 30 Day Transformation Challenge. She was so encouraged by her progress during the Challenge that she decided she will enter her first figure competition this year! Check out her before/after photos from the 30 Day Transformation Challenge below.


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