By Naomi Rabon, NW Fitness Team Trainer

Say hello to a brand new year with this shoulders and legs workout that utilizes combination moves and brief rest periods to keep your metabolism humming through the entire session. 💪

Here are a few notes concerning the workout.

Warm Up
Perform as a giant set (do each exercise in consecutive order with no rest in-between). Rest 30 seconds after each giant set.

Step Up To Dumbbell Press
Do all reps for one leg first, then switch to other leg. Use a lighter dumbbell (about 5-10 pounds) than your normal weight for dumbbell presses.

Barbell Walking Lunge To Barbell Front Raise
Try to use the same barbell for both movements.

Back Lunge To One Arm Dumbbell Press
Hold the dumbbell in your right hand up near your shoulder, palm facing inward (neutral grip). Step back with your left leg into a back lunge. Holding this position, press the dumbbell up. Step back and repeat for 10-12 reps, then switch leg/arm.



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