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I have a love-hate relationship with cardio. I love what it does for my physique, as there is no way to get lean without it. I love to challenge myself and test my limits. I love how my heart sometimes feels like it is beating out of my chest.

But I’ll be honest – I don’t always like it when I have to roll out of bed first thing in the morning at 6 am and hit the road for a run on an empty stomach, or when I have to finish my last meal and head to the gym for the third time that day for my last session of cardio at 9:30 pm. Of course that is all part of the challenge of competing – or the challenge of getting in the best possible shape. And when I look at the big picture I know there is nothing I would rather be doing.

Below is a free preview of one of my recent cardio workouts. In the Member post, I go into more detail on what my cardio typically consists of and give all of my HIIT cardio workouts for one week during my Figure Olympia Prep in a Print & Go format so you can print them and take them with you to the gym 🙂

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