You’ve heard it many, many, many times before: consistency is key! But how do you ensure consistency?

With structure, that’s how.

Creating – and consistently maintaining – a structured workout routine and nutrition regime (which ultimately leads to healthy habits and lifestyle changes in general) can not only improve your chances of achieving your goals, but can also give you piece of mind and an overall calmness about your fitness journey instead of stressing and fretting about it.

To start you need, well, a starting point. Makes sense, right?

You need to set a starting point for strength-training, cardio and nutrition, and these points need to be realistic enough that you can honestly fit them into your life. To make sure these points are realistic, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How many times per week can I make it to the gym, or fit in a home workout, every week?

2. How much of this time will be spent on strength-training and how much time will be spent on cardio?

3. What body parts/muscle groups will I plan on working each week and which workout days will I be dedicating to which muscle groups?

4. What type of cardio will I do, and how long will my cardio sessions last?

5. What day will I commit to making my grocery list based on my structured meal plan, then go to the store to buy the food only on my list?

6. What day can I realistically commit to prepping all of my food and meals for the week ahead so that I am prepared to follow through with my structured meal plan?

7. Is this something I can commit to and live with every week as a healthy lifestyle?


Structure is not just for us “Type A” personalities with OCD (though it does come much more naturally lol). Structure is beneficial and achievable for everyone! Here are a few things you can do to help you create more structure to your weekly fitness program:

• Set a starting point. As mentioned above, the first step is to give yourself a starting point to structure your workouts. If you aren’t sure how to do this, read Nicole’s past post “Structure Your Workout Split For Your Goals.”

• Put it in your calendar! Or fitbook PREP, or any place you schedule appointments or track your workouts and nutrition. This is crucial in keeping yourself accountable to yourself.

• Follow through. Don’t let yourself down! If you feel like you can’t keep the appointments you make with yourself for your weekly workouts or planned meal prep days, find someone – a buddy, a workout partner, a trainer and/or nutritionist – who you WILL be accountable to and you won’t let down.

While creating structure to your fitness program may seem simple, it may not necessarily be easy. Whatever your goals are – even if you don’t have specific goals other than to maintain a healthy, fit body and live a healthy life – having structure to your fitness program can prevent you from falling off the wagon and go a long way in helping you live an overall healthy lifestyle.

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