The holidays are here!

Wow, what a year this has been. A huge part of me is thankful that it’s almost over, and hoping for a much different, and improved, 2021. I’m sure many of you are ready to move on and leave this year in your rear view mirror as well.

So I know that joyfully saying “The holidays are here!” probably doesn’t bring the same excitement it has in the past.

Maybe you’re not able to see family because you’re playing it safe, and trying to keep your loved ones healthy.

Maybe you, or someone you love, has recently lost a job.

Or maybe you are just so sick and tired of having to limit your activities, the season isn’t filling you with as much excitement and happiness as it usually does.

I get it. I feel that same way, sometimes – like there are so many things out of our control, and it’s easy just to give in and let that affect all other areas of our lives.

But I’m not that type of person.

Sure, I can get down, even a little depressed, and feel unmotivated and directionless during times like these, just like everyone else. But after a little while of feeling that way, I remind myself that there are so many things in my life that I can control. And that I didn’t get to where I am today by giving in and allowing negative circumstances to dominate my mindset.

In order to get me through these times, I like to turn my focus towards the things I can control.

And one of those things all of us can take charge of (most of the time) is our health, and the work we can put in to improving that area of our lives.

So with that in mind, here’s something to help give you some of that structure you may be looking for – something you can focus on for the next 30 or so days to challenge yourself and improve your quality of life in the process – my 2020 Holiday Workout Calendar.

This is an entire month of workouts, all of which can be done from home, with minimal equipment. The workouts start on the Monday after Thanksgiving and run through New Year’s Eve.

Each week (aside from Christmas week) calls for four days of weight training. I have scheduled these workouts on the calendar for Monday through Thursday of each week to give you the weekends off, but feel free to slot them in on any days you want. Just make sure you are doing them in the order they are laid out.


All of the workouts are linked from each day of this calendar.

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If you are a member – just click on the image below to view the interactive calendar. Once you are there, just click on any day of the week to view that workout video!



LINK: 2020 Holiday Workout Calendar



I recommend doing cardio a minimum of three times a week, especially if you will be indulging a little bit more than usual over these next few weeks.

Which days you perform your cardio are up to you – just add it in whenever you have the time. I have listed some suggested workouts below, but feel free to add your favorites.

Remember, I always recommend wearing a heart rate monitor when doing cardio!

  • 20-30 minutes of HIIT Cardio. Target Heart Rate (HR) range is from 120 (low intensity or rest intervals) to  190 bpm (high intensity intervals)
  • 30-45 minutes of Interval or Steady State Cardio. Target Heart Rate is 140-160 bpm for Interval Cardio and Steady State Cardio.


Cardio Workouts
• Bosu Ball Tabata Cardio Workout (HIIT) (You can perform this with an aerobics board if you don’t have a Bosu Ball)
• 5 High Intensity Cardio Workouts (HIIT) 
• Bench Cardio Circuit Workout (HIIT)
• 4 Body Fat Blasting Cardio Workouts (HIIT/Interval)
• Tabata Board Circuit Workout
• 6-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout


I recommend training abs once or twice a week, so you can either add these workouts to the end of your weight training workouts, or do them on one of your off days when you have some free time.

Ab Workouts
• Abs/Core Giant Set Workout
• Real Workout: Olympia Prep Ab Superset Workout
• Giant Set Abs Workout
• Medicine Ball Triset Workout