By Naomi Rabon, NW Fitness Team Trainer

Are you ready for a killer core workout? Great! I’ve got 8 different exercises done in a giant giant set. The main move will be the plank position, with a bunch of different moves thrown in to work your other muscles. And you can do this workout anywhere you want as there is no equipment necessary!


Arm Reach: Place a dumbbell upright and tap the top of the dumbbell with each hand, alternating each time. Make sure you place the dumbbell far enough away so you have to straighten your arm to touch it.

Up & Downs: Start in the plank position on your elbows. With your right arm, push yourself up onto your right hand, then up onto your left hand, then back down with your right, then back down with your left. After you do 10 reps on your right arm, rest for about 15-30 seconds then do 10 reps starting with your left arm.


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