10 minutes of training abs seems pretty easy, right? Not so fast!

What I came up with here is a killer circuit of 10 exercises, where you perform each movement for 50 reps (or 50 seconds, if you want to make it just a little easier).

As you’ll see, my abs were definitely feeling it during the workout – and I was still feeling later! You can perform this workout anywhere, as long as you have a medicine ball or a dumbbell for the Oblique Twists. And if you don’t, just use your bodyweight for that exercise.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!



*Perform each exercise for 50 reps, or 50 seconds – whichever comes first!
Hollow Hold
Butt Up
Plank Hold
Bicycles (25 each side for 50 total)
Side-To-Side Crunch (25 each side)
Scissor Kick (25 each side)
Oblique Twist w/Medicine Ball or Dumbbell (25 each side)
Leg Raise