Having a consistent morning routine can be one of the keys to having a “good day” everyday. A positive routine gives you structure and can help get you in the right frame of mind to accomplish your goals. We asked the NW Fitness Team for their morning routines so you can see how the experts kick off their days the right way.


Nicole Wilkins

• I get up at 6:00-6:30am (or whenever Bodhi decides it is time to get up) and make a cup of coffee. We sit on the back porch and enjoy the sunrise before we go for a walk.

• On the walk I always listen to a podcast and review the things I need to do that day. When I get home I train.

• Then I shower, eat breakfast, and get to the office.

Maureen Ashley

• I wake up at around 6:00 am (give or take) and walk my dog Maxwell for 20-30 minutes.

• I get home and meditate and review goals for the day for 20 about minutes or listen to a podcast.

• Then I have coffee and breakfast and attack the day!

Naomi Rabon

• My dog Xia wakes me up at about 4:00 am to get her breakfast ready. I make myself a cup of coffee as I prepare her breakfast. I feed her and then eat my own breakfast.

• After breakfast, I check my emails, and address any questions or issues on the Nicole Wilkins Challenge Forums, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

• At about 6:00-6:30 am I start getting Xia ready for either our morning walk (between 3-4.5 miles). If I don’t have a scheduled run with my friends, I’ll take Xia for a trail run. Depending on how hot it is, we’ll run anywhere between 2.5-6 miles. Then it’s on the rest of my day!


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