Fix your gym problems and take your workouts to the next level…without all the trial and error time of trying to figure it out yourself.

The NW Fitness Team Trainers give you the advantage of their years and years of elite level experience to help you solve the riddle of bringing up lagging body parts and other things that are holding you back from reaching your goals.


Which body part gives you the most trouble and what strategies do you use to bring it up?

Nicole Thankfully I do not have a huge issue when it comes to gaining muscle.💪 However, if I had to pick one (or two) I would say glutes and calves. Things that have helped me build muscle in those areas over the years has been progressive overload (lifting heavy!) with high volume. I will often train glutes more than once a week and ensure I am getting in at least 25-30 total sets. Also, using intensity techniques like drop sets, partials and slowing down the reps to ensure full range of motion has helped a ton.

Naomi My trouble spot is my glute/hamstring tie-in. I still feel like it’s not as pronounced as I want it to be. I do two heavy glute & hamstring focused workouts per week, with a heavy lifting technique (between 6-10 reps, 4-6 sets). Plus, losing body fat helps me clearly see more of the two muscles that create that glute/hamstring tie-in profile, so I know exactly how developed that area is.

Maureen My legs and glutes. I train my legs twice per week. I use intensity techniques like drop sets, partial reps, negative, etc., to make it more challenging. I’ll also add variety, such as doing plyos to change it up.


Which do you prefer: high volume or low volume training?

Nicole Definitely high volume: weight x reps x sets! So you can either lift heavy for more sets and less reps, or less weight for higher reps and more sets. Either way, when it starts to get hard, the set is just beginning!

Naomi It depends on what my goal is at the time, but if I had to pick between the two, low volume, heavy – hands down! 😉

Maureen I tend to train more high volume.


How often do you change your workout program?

Nicole Because I have over 20 years experience with lifting, I change my workouts up every week. However, if I am focused on improving and seeing strength gains, I will keep the program the same for about 4-6 weeks to gauge my progress.

Naomi Unless I’m following along with Nicole’s Transformation Challenge workouts, I do something different with my workouts every week! I work all of my muscle groups every week, but I like to give each muscle group a turn to work with other muscle groups. I will also change my focus for a particular muscle group, or change what equipment I use from week to week. I feel this approach helps me get an overall strength, stability development in all of my muscle groups, joints, ligaments, and entire body.

Maureen I usually change my workout program every 6 weeks. 👍


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