It’s time for our second Member Giveaway Contest on!

Starting today through June 15, I will be running a Member Giveaway Contest, where three lucky members will win one of the three exciting prizes this month – a free copy of my 75 HIIT Workouts Ebook, a Met-Rx Get Lean Supplement Stack and a Skype Session with me!

Entering is easy – if you’re a member, you’re already eligible to win! I will be announcing a winner every five days leading up to June 15, selecting a random member every five days. The order of the prizes will be:
June 5 75 High Intensity Interval Training Workouts Ebook
June 10 Met-Rx Get Lean Supplement Stack (Ultramyosyn Whey Isolate, BCAA 5000, CLA, Thermo Infusion Elite)
June 15 Skype Session with Nicole
April was the first Member Giveaway contest on the website. There was an international theme for Month One, as our winners were Gemma MacPherson of Australia, Maria Vega of Puerto Rico and Reina Harb of London!

Good luck to everyone this month!