You don’t have to wait until everything in your life is perfect in order in order to take that first step towards getting in shape and leveling up your fitness.


Stephanie Grant is proof of that.


Stephanie entered my 2022 Buns & Guns Challenge during a very difficult time for her – as a single mom, going through a divorce that threatened to turn her world upside down.


Except she didn’t allow that to happen.


Instead of watching things spiral out of control and become a bystander to her own life, Stephanie decided to do the opposite – take ownership of the things she could control.


Specifically, her health. And her fitness regimen.


“This year was a tough one for me,” Stephanie says, “and so I put on some weight. It kind of got to the point where I said I needed to get back to where I was.


“I have a really demanding career, and I have a almost 3-year-old [son], so it’s kind of been like – Me has been the last priority. So refocusing everything that I needed to be able to care of myself in order to take care of everything else.”


The structure of the Buns & Guns program, combined with the ability to focus on her goal, was just what Stephanie needed at that time.


She ended up as the Grand Prize Winner of that Challenge but, even more importantly, started feeling like herself again. And feeling like she could accomplish whatever else she set her mind to.


Check out my interview with Stephanie to hear about her incredible transformation.


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