Hey everyone! I started a new Private Facebook Group and would like to invite you all to join?

I want this group to be a place we can go each day for motivation and inspiration, from people who all have the same interests and a similar goal in mind – to be better than we were yesterday!

It’s only been a week since I created the page and the positivity has been contagious! I will be on there every day and every Sunday I will be doing a Facebook LIVE video where you can ask me anything you like!

You can join the group by requesting an invite at this link:

Request An Invite


Since this is an extension of the NicoleWilkins.com community, this group won’t be open to just anyone. So, in order to join you must have purchased any of the following:

✔ NicoleWilkins.com Monthly/Yearly Membership
✔ NicoleWilkins.com Challenge Participant
✔ Online Personal Training Client with the NW Training Team
✔ nPower Nutrition Supplements/Swag from the NicoleWilkins.com store
✔ nPower Fitness Camp Participant (or previous PHAT Camp participant)

I hope to see you there!?