You like your gym – at least we hope you do!

It’s where you can tune out everything else going on in your life and have an hour or so just for you, to focus on challenging yourself and reaching your fitness goals.

But there are some members who treat the place like it was their own private training studio, with no regard for anyone else. Whether intentional or unintentional, no one wants to be that person, right?

Our NW Fitness Training Team Trainers shared their pet peeves for those who may not be 100% sure about proper gym etiquette to make sure you aren’t making these same mistakes.


Nicole Wilkins

• Not wiping off the equipment.
Everyone sweats, but other people’s sweat is kind of gross. Bring a towel in your gym bag to make sure you can wipe off the bench, cardio or piece of equipment you were using once you’re done.

• Be aware of your surroundings.
One of my biggest pet peeves is when I am lifting in front of the dumbbell rack, watching my form in the mirror, and someone walks in front of me when there is an entire open gym behind me.

• Re-rack your weights.
There are few things more frustrating than someone who finishes on a piece of equipment and then leaves all of the plates on there for someone else to take off. We are all at the gym for the same reason – to get in a great workout, not to spend the hour we have picking up after others 😉

Maureen Ashley

• Don’t be a gym hog.
It bothers me when people don’t understand the concept of working in, especially if they are taking really long rest periods between sets. There are times, especially in a busy gym, that you may need to let someone else work in and use the machine you are using during your rest periods – even if you were there first. The exception here? If you you’re on your last set. If that’s the case, just let them know you only have one set left and then it’s all theirs.

• Talking loudly on the phone while doing cardio.
I know it’s 2019 and people take their cell phones everywhere, whether it’s to listen to music or watch Netflix to make time go by faster. But no one wants to hear you venting to your friend about what went wrong at work today, or how your husband didn’t empty the dishwasher again.

Naomi Rabon

• Know when to start a conversation.
Someone interrupting me while I’m in the middle of a set is one of my biggest no-nos. Unless the gym is on fire or there is some other life-threatening emergency, please don’t try to talk to me or tap me on the shoulder – at least until I’m done with my set!

• Clean up after yourself.
I can’t believe the mess some people leave after they use gym equipment – leaving bands hanging from pull-up bars or plates and dumbbells spread all around a piece of equipment or not returning that exercise ball to it’s proper place. It’s incredibly rude to leave six 45-pound plates on both sides of a leg press and make someone else put them back. But on the bright side, think of how much extra exercise I get by taking all of those plates off 😉


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