It’s gift giving time and to help you get that special fitness minded someone in your life the perfect present, we asked our experts on the NW Fitness Training Team for their top picks. Here are their top fitness gifts to give – or receive – this holiday season!


Nicole’s Picks

5.3 QT Digital Power Air Fryer XL

I’m all about quick and easy in the kitchen and this has become one of my favorites! Cook chicken, fish, french fries and vegetables in 20 minutes or less and they come out perfectly every time! Plus it’s an easy clean up 😉

Price: Ranges from $69.99 (sale price) to $129.99 (reg price)
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Spri High Density 18″ Foam Roller

If you aren’t taking care of your body post training, you should! There are so many foam rollers on the market, but this one is my favorite. Not too aggressive but enough that it makes a difference.

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Stamina Doorway Trainer Plus

For those of you who workout at home, this is a must have. Training your lats from all angles is difficult when doing only rowing movements, so ask for this for Christmas and put it in your doorway.

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Naomi’s Picks

PHYTO Phytodetox Rehab Mist

This is a great alternative to “dry-shampoo,” especially post-workout. I sometimes train twice per day and, especially after a run or cardio session that drenches my hair, the Phyto Detox Mist helps keep “workout hair” odor at bay. This can hold me over while I run a few errands or train a few clients when I can’t wash my hair right after my workout. I absolutely love this product!

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SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

I am fair skinned, freckle easily and have a family history of skin cancer. I also LOVE being outside, so this product is extremely important to me, and I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you aren’t outside as much as I am. This product also has a moisturizer in it, so you can use it underneath your make-up foundation as added protection, even from the sun’s rays that come through the window while you’re driving in your car. This is the best product I’ve used, and was recommended separately by both my dermatologist and esthetician.

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Chapstick Total Hydration 3-in-1 Lip Balm

Even when my body is well hydrated, I feel somewhat parched if my lips are dry. This Chapstick feels moist but not oily or slick, nor does it feel “dry” or chalky. You can find it at almost any convenience store. It’s the best lip hydration product for the price, and makes great stocking stuffers.

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Maureen’s Picks

Hydro Flask Skyline Series Water Bottle

Having water handy during your workout is very important. Staying hydrated will help you get a better workout and improve recovery afterward. I love this water bottle because it keeps my water cool, it’s easy to clean and offers different tops for different hydration needs.

Price:$25.95 – $99.98
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Silicone Apple AirPods Case

These air pods are small and easy to lose……trust me, I’ve left them on the treadmill and they were gone in 30 minutes. This case comes with a clip for your bag. You can just take the AirPods out, use them and put them in your bag where they belong. They also have an easily removable piece on the bottom for easy charging.

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Lululemon Fringe Fighter Headband

The fringe fighter headband is great. It doesn’t slip and it holds every strand of my hair back. It’s larger in the front and thinner in the back which makes for more coverage and a comfortable fit near your neck.

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