It’s time to announce the winners of my  60 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge!

We had so many amazing transformations to choose from, everyone did such an incredible job!

I know it can be disappointing for those of you who did not place in the top 3, but please remember – winning a prize is not the only way to measure your success.

These Challenges are about challenging yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone and being the best possible version of you.  If you are better today then you were before the Challenge began, then you are a winner in my eyes!

If you saw the nine finalists on the Nicole Wilkins Fitness Community Facebook page, then you know how difficult it was to narrow down all of these awesome transformations to a top three. But that’s why we have five judges – and for the first time ever, the help of the Facebook Community!  Thank you to all of those who voted in that online poll.

Each judge scores their top five accordingly:

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 8 points
3rd place – 6 points
4th place – 4 points
5th place – 2 points

We then add up the totals from the individual judges, and the Facebook Community, and pick the winners.


Now … on to the winners of my 60 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge!

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How We Select The Winners: The 5 judges from NW Fitness Group narrow the entries down to a list of finalists. Each judge then  “scores” everyone in their top 5 accordingly – 10 points for a 1st place vote, 8 points for 2nd place vote, 6 points for a 3rd place vote, 4 for 4th place and 2 for 5th place. For this Challenge, Before/After photos and measurements of  our nine finalists were posted on  Nicole Wilkins Fitness Community Facebook Page. Members of that page were given 24 hours to vote on their winner. The top five vote getters were then scored as outlined above. We then tally up the all of the judges’ scores and come up with a top three. 


Belinda lost 30 pounds and 15 total inches! She wins $5000 and a three-month supply of nPower Nutrition Supplements!


RUNNER UP #1: Mary Sonntag
Mary lost 31 pounds and over 16 total inches! Mary wins $1500 and a three-month supply of nPower Nutrition Supplements!


RUNNER UP #2: Katie Riner
Katie lost nearly 12 pounds and 12 total inches! Katie wins $1500 and a three-month supply of nPower Nutrition Supplements!