By Naomi Rabon, NW Fitness Team Trainer

Chest, back and shoulders in one workout and you won’t be in the gym for over 2 hours? You betcha! This workout uses giant sets (4 or more exercises done consecutively) and trisets (3 exercises done consecutively). Plus, to really up the intensity, you’ll do drop sets.

For these drop sets, you will choose three different weights: heavy, the next weight down from that, and the next weight down from that. For example: 20 pounds, 17.5 pounds, 12.5 pounds, or 20-15-10 pounds, depending on the dumbbells you have access to.

The first 10 reps of the exercise, you will use the heaviest weight, then immediately drop to the next weight down and do 10 more reps, then immediately drop to the last lightest weight and do 10 more reps. Repeat that for every exercises.


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