Here’s a 30-minute (less actually!) total-body workout for whenever you are pressed for time. This is an awesome way to combine weight training with your cardio, hit every major muscle group and get a great pump.

What I use here is a training method called Cardio Acceleration –  which is performing cardio between sets when you would normally rest, or supersetting with a cardio-type exercise. Basically it is an entire workout combining weights with cardio where you don’t rest at all, unless you absolutely have to.

All of my Real Workouts are “real”, but the way this was set up was a little different in that we took no breaks while filming, which is why I don’t talk once I get started – I was moving too fast! So what you see is the entire workout, real and raw. That’s why a few of the minor malfunctions that happen couldn’t be edited out … you’ll see 🙂



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