Written By Naomi Rabon, NW Fitness Team Trainer

Are you up for a challenge? Of course you are! This intense cardio workout supersets the elliptical machine with Battle Rope exercises to elevate your heart rate and torch every muscle in your body. 👍 Here’s how it works.

Set your timer to 2 minutes of work and 1 minute 15 seconds of rest for 10 rounds. For the 2 minutes of work, you will be on the elliptical machine. Then for the 1:15 time period, you will use the 15 seconds to catch your breath and walk to the Battle Ropes. Then you will perform the exercise for 1 minute.

Here’s an example: 2 minutes on the elliptical exercise as described below, rest for 15 seconds, then do 1 minute of alternating arm waves. Go back to the elliptical for another 2 minutes. Then do 1 minute of simultaneous slams. Repeat until you have completed all 5 Battle Rope exercises. Then repeat the whole thing for one more round…and give yourself a pat on the back for finishing! 🙌

If you don’t have access to an elliptical, you can do 2 minute sprints or 2 minute intense stairs instead, and then do the Battle Rope exercises.



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