There’s no question that the coronavirus is changing the world. Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the health, economic, and social impacts on our daily lives. But there are things you can do to cope. The NW Fitness Team share 3 things they are doing to stay calm and maintain a positive outlook to overcome the stress of these very trying times.

Nicole Wilkins

Walk Bodhi and listen to a podcast every morning. I look at this as my time. I wake up pretty early so there’s not a lot of hustle and bustle happening around me. It helps me tune out the negativity of the news and get me in a positive mind frame for the rest of the day.

Work on a course I have been wanting to finish for a while. This keeps my mind engaged. I think it’s important to stay active, both physically and mentally. If you don’t have a lot going on it can be easy to let your mind obsess on negative things.

FaceTime and call my friends/family as much as I can. We all get busy and usually the first thing that we don’t have time for is family and friends. Staying connected to those we love and care for is especially comforting when the world around you seems chaotic.

Maureen Ashley

Train a puppy. He has actually gotten me away from the overwhelming news reports. I laugh with him more than I have in awhile. He helps me to appreciate the little things in life. The state of the world right now does too, when I take the time to stop and breathe.

Go outside. I make sure I am disconnected when I head outdoors. I don’t need the news or anything else at the time. Just the sun and the fresh air. Of course, I maintain current social distancing rules.

Turn off the TV. I am limiting my TV time to the morning. That’s when I can get caught up on the state of affairs. I have found that what I consume is what my attitude tends to be for the day. Consume worthwhile, positive stuff. I have been reading more. I am currently reading: The Gratitude Diaries and Finding Your North Star.

Naomi Rabon

Spend time with my 12-year-old son. I am grateful for this extra time we have. In the midst of a global crisis and in anticipation of the struggles ahead cause by the ripple effect of all of this, Gryphon and I would not have this extra time together and these experiences if this didn’t happen, so I am soaking all of this up. Someday he will tell his grandkids about this.

Clean, reorganize and discard extra stuff I don’t need. I don’t enjoy cleaning and reorganizing, and most of the time I will procrastinate and put it off for when I have more time. I have more time now.

Learn about investing and educate myself more in-depth about finances in general. I feel like I am able to master anything I put my mind to, and I have done that with health, fitness and nutrition, as well as various goals throughout my life. I am very responsible with my finances and have a really good credit score, but I started thinking a few months ago how nice it would be if I could become even better at handling finances. Ironically, I wanted to learn more about the stock market and investing about 2 weeks before the coronavirus started shutting everything down.


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